I knew that I had plans this evening, so I decided to walk during my lunch break. It was pretty hot outside, but I walked around near the arch grounds.

Then my old coworker friend met me for salad. It was pretty good. I threw a little bit of everything in my salad including corn and black beans.

I keep a copy of my training calendar on my desk at work, as well as my refrigerator at home. I proudly marked off my second day of 10 K training. Then I got an e-mail about Vibram Five Finger shoes. I had never worn them, but the article title was so catchy that I decided to use it as the title for my post today. I can’t imagine that I would like to wear them because I hate the glove-like socks that separate your toes. However, barefoot style shoes with separate compartments for each toe are the hottest new trend. They claim that there is an advantage for runners because you run more lightly, thus causing fewer injuries. Some people even commented that it helped relieve knee pain while running.   That idea that actually intrigues me, since I do suffer from knee pain occasionally.   Have you run in these shoes? What are your thoughts?
What Did Carli Eat Today?
B– Slim Fast Shake
S– 2 Sandwich Cookies (Lord, why did I buy them???)
L– Salad
D– Fried Chicken Breast, Rice, and Brocolli

  1. How funny, I was just doing a bunch of research on these yesterday. I like the idea because watching a documentary on this style of running changed how I would run landing on my feet and cured my shinsplints. There seem to be shoes that give the same barefoot idea without having the weird toes in them. They say that they help relieve bunions because you toes get to spread naturally but you do need to learn the running style if you are used to heavily cushioned shoes. I’ll look into trying a pair of these out next time I am shoe shopping.

  2. Be careful though, my good friend is a voracious runner and used these for some smaller runs until they started giving her excruciating pain. She had a stress fractuce in her foot from the lack of shock absorbtion.

  3. Hi… there is a lot of info out about them… what I took away from reading about them is what the other folks said… can’t just put them on and run several miles…you need to let you body adapt to them and sort of train into using them… some people love them…others, not so much….

  4. Thank you so much for your podcast! Your words of motivation and your story of success are very inspiring!

    I completed week 3 of C25K yesterday and feel more in shape then I ever did… and I’m looking forward to the challenge of weeks to come.

    Once again, thank you so much for the help, Carli. =)


  5. Carli,
    I just wanted to encourage you on your journey. You were so inspirational to me with your C25K podcasts! I started in January (in Maine, 8 degrees one day) and was a size 24. Today I bought a pair of shorts and t shirts, both size 20! So you go , girl! Keep it up!

  6. From what I understand about those shoes, if you are an over-pronator (like me) and need a support shoe for running, the barefoot style is not a good idea. I haven’t researched much beyond that, because I know I need the support!

  7. I started C25k with these shoes. I LOVE them. They have been great for me. I had never ran before. I did quite a bit of research on them before purchasing. Make sure you try on ALL style of them before deciding which is best.

  8. It seems like people either love them or hate ’em. I think I might try on a pair this weekend and see how they feel.

  9. Martinho, Congrats on your progress so far! Keep up the good work, I hope to see you on my Wall of Fame in a few weeks!

  10. Sarah, I know all too well about being a size 24! Been there. I’m so proud of you for braving that COLD weather and sticking to the plan. Congrats on the weight loss. If you do a 5k, I would love to add your pic to the wall of fame to help encourage other juicy women like us 🙂

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