I had an awesome week!  I’ve been going to the gym and eating healthy. (My internet has been down, sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about it.) Friday, I went to lunch with my Big Little Sister at my favorite Mexican restaurant and I did not touch the fresh hot tortilla chips.  I ordered a salad instead of my regular deep fried burrito… After years of my father begging me to read the The South Beach Diet Book, I finally did.  I decided to give the diet an honest try.  If you want to know more about the South Beach Diet, you can check out my Video Book Review.  My Dad has done a good job of maintaing his weight loss and adopting the diet as a lifestyle change.  Someone asked me what’s the status with Weight Watchers?  I still love Weight Watchers, but I wasn’t working the program like I should.  I was simply tired of keeping points.  I learned from my hypnosis CD that’s it’s okay to change diet plans every few months or so.  You don’t have to stick with one plan forever.  This week I’ve eaten delicious omelets, and great snacks like celery dipped in garlic-flavored hummus.  Who knew I would like that? 

I realized that I have 2 choices; I can track my food and eat everything in proportion, or only eat certain food (High protein, low carb, low fat) and not track.  I actually just remembered that Weight Watchers has a “Core” plan that I never thought to try because I thought restricting food was too ridiculous.  But, I’m giving South Beach an honest try to see which I like more.  Once the carb cravings died down after a couple days, it wasn’t so bad.

 I mentioned before that I’m helping my church with a walk-a-thon.  Last week there were six of us at my 7 AM group training session.  However, this week, most of last week’s participants were out of town or unavailable.  But, I dragged myself out of bed, actually hoping it was raining, or that no one would show up.  I despise mornings…I was standing there alone at 7:05, and I was ready to head back to my car, until I saw my sister’s car, speeding toward the History Museum where we planned to meet.  There was no turning back now, because she hates mornings as much as I do.  She said she only had a few hours of sleep, but came anyway to support me.  Then I got a text from one of the girls at the church who was also on her way.  Once she arrived, I told them, I would take them on a scenic walk off the regular path.  Unbeknownst to me, we stumbled upon the 9/11 memorial.  It was so amazing, they had flags representing those that were lost in the tragedy 10 years ago. Each flag had a brief description of a person that lost their life that day.  It was quite a site to see.  We took some pics and shared “Where were you when the plane hit the tower stories.” 


I didn’t have my iPod tracker thingy on, but my guess is that we walked about 2 miles.  After our walk, I came home and made a broccoli cheese omelet with turkey bacon.  It was yummy.  I did some laundry and dozed off and I was almost late for my orientation boot camp class.  I got a Groupon for 10 Classes for $30.  The class started with awkward endurance/flexibility tests, which reminded me of elementary school gym class.  Finally we got to work out, in a quick mini version of the class.  After doing the “Spiderman” on the floor and jumping jacks for the warm up, it was hard to imagine how difficult a real class will be.  Then, we did interval training as we rotated stations doing squats, planks, and pull ups with resistance bands dangling from the wall.   I think it boot camp class will be a big challenge, but I’m ready!  Tonight my old co-worker friend is having a Fight watch party for Mayweather v. Ortiz.  Now that’s what I call a Super Saturday!

  1. You inspire me!! Please keep up the good work…no matter what you keep going…They say if you throw enough STUFF against the wall, something will stick. Keep up the good work…We just love hearing from you every chance we get!!!!

  2. Thanks Auntie! I love your support, we are working our plans!

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