You may have realized that you can search my entire weight loss and fitness blog, but you won’t find my actual weight anywhere.  That’s because I’m not totally comfortable sharing my weight with the whole world just yet.  I have a magic number in my mind, and when I reach that number I’m sure I will tell everyone.  However, I will continue to be open and honest about my journey to get to magic number land.  As you probably know, I gained back a few of the pounds that I lost in January.  I was frustrated and mad at myself, but determined not to give up.  Life dumped some extra hard stuff my way recently.  One of my best friends was diagnosed with a blood clot on her brain and was in the hospital for several days.  I took a road trip and spent the day with her.  Then I experienced the shock of realizing that all change is stressful.  Even good change like a great new job, can be stressful.  When I explained to the Weight Watcher’s leader last week that I had been stress eating, she gently reminded me that food would not make the situation better.  It’s amazing how many times we have to re-learn the same lessons.  My friend is better and out of the hospital, and all last week I made a conscious effort to remind myself that food cannot fix problems.  I managed to track at least two meals a day and worked in some activity.  I was happy to see that the scale finally worked in my favor this week.  I lost two pounds!  That puts me at a total loss of 10 pounds since January.

My little sister, the one that’s a Senior in high school joined Weight Watchers today.  She was super nervous about getting on the scale.  I told her they always have encouraging things to say, and never judge you based on your weight.  She enjoyed the meeting, but she had to get accustomed to the casual meeting environment where people “scream out answers while the teacher was talking.”  She was so surprised to learn that you can eat “bad” food and still lose weight.  She had planned on cutting out junk food, and I told her with Weight Watchers she didn’t have to.  She only has to eat less.  I hope she likes the program, it’s nice to have a weight watcher partner.  Although many of you are my weight watcher partners too.  With all of this support I’m destined to succeed.  I hope you have a great week; remember to eat less and move more.  We can do this!

  1. I love your podcasts! I am going through C25K for the second time now, and I’ve got some friends who are doing it too! I also just started Weight Watchers about 2 months ago. I’m .2 lbs away from my 5% and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for all of your inspiring posts and your awesome podcasts!

  2. Hey Suz, thanks so much for running with my podcasts! I hope you reached your 5%. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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