This weekend I was feeling so lazy. I just felt like relaxing, I didn’t want to go to the gym, so I didn’t. The only activity I did was going up and down the stairs for laundry. My food was definitely out of line too. I’m pretty sure this is setting the stage for a not so awesome Weigh-in-Wednesday. But, by the time Monday rolled around, I knew that skipping the gym again was out of the question. Me and my Gym Cousin met up later in the evening after work. As soon as I finished running one interval, I regretted my lazy days off. My body was so stiff. I got through the 90 second runs with no problem, but I ran out of gas before I finished either of the 3 minute runs. I was so frustrated, because I know that running is one of those “use it or lose it” things. I felt like I was moving backwards not forward. I walked for a while, and then did an additional 90 second run at the end of the training program. My cousin did pretty good, he only cut off a few seconds of his last 3 minute run. I think I need at least one more day of Week 3, but he might be ready to move on to Week 4. Our April 5K race is only a month away! Yikes!


We agreed that working so hard in the gym and then eating so poorly and then almost defeats our efforts. So, we decided to go light on the carbs together this week. While we were running, he told me that he wants to do the Graffiti Run, which looks a whole lot like the popular Color Run. The Color Run is already sold out, so we might sign up for the Graffiti Run, it does look like a ton of fun. Check out the pics from past events!

color3 color-run-


  1. I am running (and have convinced a bunch of my friends to participate as well) in the Run or Dye (which is a similar concept) on March 16th! I think it will be so much fun! I even convinced my husband (and maybe my 7 year old daughter) to participate. So, I say, “DO IT!” What’s the worst that can happen? You have a bunch of fun?

  2. It gets like that some time. The important thing is hat you got right back in the grove! I will be starting week 5 tomorrow. The struggle is real! :-). Hang in there!

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