Don’t Let Other People Tell Your Story

Yesterday, I had a follow-up doctor’s appointment. Usually, I’m filled with so much anxiety throughout the day of a doctor’s appointment about getting on the scale. However, today I had a fair amount of confidence because I’ve been putting in the work and committing to a healthier lifestyle. I still weigh myself once a week at home on Wednesdays, so I knew I was down a couple pounds. My personal trainer Dan said that this first month wasn’t really about getting physical results, but preparing my mind and body for the adjustment of a healthy lifestyle change. Our goal this first month was getting in the gym regularly and making gradual adjustments to my diet plan. He hasn’t had me step on the scale nor taken any measurements since our first meeting.

At my last doctor’s appointment, the doctor essentially told me that I must lose weight or I will become diabetic.  I told her that I hired a personal trainer that I work out with twice a week, and that I work out once a week on my own, and that I was eating better. She looked at my chart and said “you’ve lost 7 pounds in six weeks?” with a very judgmental tone.  As if she wanted to ask, couldn’t you have done a little better? I told her about the New Food Plan where I eat 100% healthy on most days and have two cheat days during the week.  “And you eat junk food on these ‘cheat days’??” she said questioningly. “Well yeah…I guess” I sort of stumbled over my words. “Yesterday was my cheat day, I ate Burger King.” She just sighed and typed her notes.  She asked about the types of exercise I did with my trainer.  I guess that passed her test, because she didn’t have a comment.  She checked my blood pressure and said she’d see me back and three months.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my doctor.  She was not rude or mean, I just felt kind of judged. I felt like she was saying “I’m pretty sure you could’ve lost more than 7 pounds and junk food is awful and you should never need to eat it.”  I have accepted my truth. I am very much an emotional eater, and I wanted to leave and stuff my face with ice cream to make me feel better. The only reason I didn’t was because it was Thursday (a non-cheat day.) But I was thinking, maybe it is a dumb plan to eat junk food twice a week, maybe I should’ve lost more than 7 pounds in a month and a half. Maybe I’ll just go home and watch Breaking Bad on Netflix instead of going to the gym tonight.  Unfortunately, I let HER tell too much of MY story. She doesn’t know me for real, she doesn’t know my story. She doesn’t know my struggle.  You can’t tell an emotional eater that’s more than 100 pounds overweight, “just eat healthy all the time.”  IT DOESN”T WORK! Well, not for me anyway.  I’ve tried a million times to be perfect and eat perfect.

I lost 7 pounds in six weeks! That’s amazing! My trainer has shown me a food plan that I actually feel is manageable. I don’t have to count/track/or weigh anything, and I don’t have to feel guilty on a cheat day. I thought I would wake up on Cheat Day and eat big fancy cupcakes or McDonald’s sausage biscuits from the drive thru for breakfast.  I was so excited to eat anything guilt–free. Then I realized, I never eat cupcakes for breakfast, and I quit eating pork many years ago, so why in the world would I start now? LOL.  I even stuck to my word and passed up my favorite food, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at lunch on Cheat Day! I’m actually losing weight, my body is stronger and it feels great! Even if I continue to lose just over a pound a week for the next year that’s almost 60 pounds. If I have confidence, gain control of my eating and lose 60 pounds by this time next year I’m pretty sure I will be thrilled, and so would my doctor. I can’t get back the gym time that I lost from sulking on the couch with Heisenberg. And of course my Gym Cousin called by 10 pm wondering where in the heck I was, But I’m learning the important lesson that I can’t let other people tell my story, not even my doctor. 

  1. I gave you a virtual high five when I saw that you lost 7 pounds in 6 weeks. I’m not a doctor, but I thought losing about a pound a week was the recommendation and resulted in an increased likelihood of sustained weight loss. You’re amazing!

    • Aubree, That’s what they say, losing 1-2 lbs a week, is best for sustained weight loss. Plus my trainer said it will help give my skin time to catch up.

  2. I’m a pharmacist in a primary care clinic and I can tell you the doctors I work with would be estatic and jumping with joy if one of our patients was doing what your doing… I don’t know about there, but here the vibe is for the docs to do motivational interviewing and have the patient come up with goals for their plan of care…bitching or looking disappointed never works… hell, if someone’s goal is to even THINK about something positive for their health they are praised. You absolutely don’t let her tell your story…what the hell?? Maybe she had a bad day or something but just because she’s a doctor doesn’t mean she knows how to motivate her patients. (can you tell this struck a nerve? …ok…breathe… ughhhh)
    Thank goodness you are so smart and are figuring it out! (and go to the gym… then watch Breaking Bad…so sorry it’s the last season…) xoxo

    • Awww thanks Mama Helen, I didn’t know you were a pharmacist. I did have to sit back and think, she’s not a cheerleader, although She could have been a little more supportive of my success. I ate right today and met with my trainer. I’m moving in the right directions. I still remember what you told me…baby steps! I’m on season 2 of Breaking Bad, where in the heck have I been for the last few years?? I’m loving this crazy show! Nerds gone wild. lol

  3. Awesome job! You are doing everything right because it is what you need to do for you! I left a dr. because she always treated me like I was not doing enough. After her nurse was completely out of line with me one day I called and complained and the dr. took her side. I never went back. Found a new dr and lost 30 lbs in 3 months. Never once has my new dr. made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough. Sorry you have to deal with that, but love your attitude. BTW have I told you lately that you were instrumental in me getting my ass out there and running. You played in my head for 9 weeks and now I am training for a 1/2 marathon. Don’t ever doubt yourself!

    • Thanks Janna! When people like you share your story, it helps me keep pushing. Good Luck with your half! If I did one, I know you can!!

  4. 7 pounds in 6 weeks is not amazing. Actually, it is depressing. And that is last time I am reading this blog, because I have enough trouble with myself, and I am still doing much better than 7 pounds in 6 weeks.

    Anyway, good luck with your journey.

    • Sergy…I thought about deleting your comment, because my site is about promoting health in a positive environment. But, you’re free to express your opinion. However, as I mentioned in the post, Running Into tells MY story. If I won’t let my doctor tell it, and I certainly won’t allow you to tell it for me either. I’m an emotional over eater that struggles with weight and refuses to give up. MY blog posts and MY podcast have literally helped thousands of people get up off the couch and learn to run. That’s MY story. If I’m in a phase in my life when I’m not gaining weight, but losing weight and I feel in control, actually it is quite an amazing accomplishment for ME. It’s unfortunate that for you, someone else’s success, can be seen as “depressing.” Anyway, good luck with your journey.

  5. Oh my, don’t listen to that jerk above! Seven pounds, if sustained, is good. In time you will lose your taste for junk food and until then, big deal if you lose more slowly than others might like. The goal is losing and keeping it off, not losing it quickly and possibly gaining it all back. Good job, keep it up and kudos to you for sharing your story. Best of luck.

    • Thanks Anne! This morning, I read a tweet from @IyanlaVanzant, she said, “The more unloving a person behaves, the greater is their need for love and healing.” I wanted to act UGLY after I read that comment, but I realized, that’s their issue, not mine. Thanks for your support!

  6. Carli, I think your site and training podcasts are so popular because you are like us “real people” trying to get/stay in shape. It can be discouraging to try to look like those few people out there who ALWAYS eat right and ALWAYS have the discipline to work out. In the real world we work hard to do these things, work long hours, care for family and be social. Plus the motivation should not be totally focused on weight loss, its about feeling and being healthy. So 7 lbs in 6 weeks, keeping us all motivated and living your life is incredibly awesome. I would like to thank you for all you do to keep us “real people” moving forward!

  7. OOOOh, can I say I love Mama Helen’s response and I second it?! Way to go, Chica. 7 lbs and that doc can kiss it! Stick with what’s working for you. Big hugs.

  8. 7lbs in 6 weeks is AWESOME. Slow and steady wins the race!

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