Dan (my trainer) and I try to keep consistent days so that working out becomes more of a habit. Monday is one of our regular days. When we were planning out the schedule, I said “This Monday is a holiday, Labor Day.” He said “Oh, will you be out of town? “No,” I said “I’ll be home in St. Louis.” “Oh good,” he replied, “I’ll be here too, we can schedule it for our regular time.” He’s not accepting any excuses. He definitely didn’t like my “I was having a bad day” excuse for missing my work out last week.  He waved it off as “excuses” and didn’t even let me finish my explanation, before I was instructed to climb the stairs, lift 30 lbs, run for 60 seconds on the treadmill and repeat 3 times.  I complained a little about walking up the stairs, and he said I should be happy that I’m walking the stairs, because soon, I’ll be running them.

This Labor Day morning at 8:24 AM he text me to remind me to eat healthy today. I certainly was not thinking about him at 8:24 AM on my day off from work but, whatever… thanks Dan… I guess. My friend from college was visiting me from out of town.   For breakfast I made us stir-fry with fresh spinach, sweet peppers and feta cheese, scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast and turkey sausage. Then we went shopping with my mom.  Today is a non-cheat day.  So, I planned ahead for the family barbecue and took my own vegetables as a side dish and a bottle of water.  I didn’t care if I looked weird or if people asked questions. Everybody knows I’m always “on a diet” or “trying to lose weight” anyway.  I stayed away from unnecessary alcohol calories and gave everyone hugs and kisses as I left a little early to go to my personal training appointment. My friend was being super supportive of me having to leave her for a while to go work out.  This was my third time hitting the gym since she’d been here.  She gave me a funny cheerleader’s cheer as I rushed out the door to meet Dan at the gym.

When I got to the gym, Dan told me that each time we check my measurements, we will also check my mile time.  I was a lot less panicky about doing the mile this go ’round. It was much cooler outside and I had my bottle of water.  I still didn’t have my iPod though.  He wanted me to take at least 20 seconds off my time, I shaved about 15 seconds off since a week or two ago. When we take measurements next month, he’d like for me to take off at least one minute off my time.  I like that his goals are reasonable.  Honestly, I probably could’ve taken a minute off today, if I pushed a little harder.

Once we got back inside, we did squats and core exercises. Then it was time for measurements. It felt so good to be confident and not terrified to step on the scale. He was so excited that I had lost 5 pounds since our first weigh-in a month ago. He said most of his clients do not lose weight during the second weigh in because they have built muscle. He took all of my measurements with the tape measure and I have lost at least a half an inch in most areas. And I lost 1 percent body fat.  I’m losing pounds, and losing inches, and losing fat and building muscle and my head is in the right place and I’m sticking to a manageable food plan and it doesn’t feel impossible. I’ve waited for this day for so long! Thank God it’s finally here! I’m doing the work.

  1. Just one piece of advice, if I may: We are no longer “on a diet” or trying to lose weight. This is a healthy lifestyle change and we are working towards being a healthier version of ourselves.

    • You always give great advice, I welcome it! As I was typing “on a diet” it didn’t quite sit right, because I really don’t say that anymore. My friend wanted me to start a new “diet” with her, and I just couldn’t do it. I’m so tired of “diets.” But I do always say, I’m trying to lose weight. But you’re right it’s so much more. Really I’m maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thanks!

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