1. Nice video. I always wear light weight clothes to my doctor’s office, because I know that I will be weighed.

  2. i like your blog and videos, you’re real people! i used to work at weight watchers and there was a lady who came to weigh-in every week, stood and the scale and stripped down to her swim suit! Every week, including in winter. 🙂 so p-shaw, lightweight clothes are nuthin! hee hee

  3. Hey,
    I wear the same clothes every week to my weight watchers meeting, they are nike dri fit so they are thin and light as possible, so i completely think you are normal. I have been doing your podcast and love them. I have done one 5k before I started your pod cast and am using your podcast to try to get my time faster. I want you to know that I am proud of you and think you are doing a great thing. I want everyone to be healthier I myself have gone from 456 to 335.3 on my way to a goal of 275. I think weight watchers is wonderful and have told everyone at the meeting about your podcast. I hope you are doing good, and just thought i would say thanks, and keep on rocking. joey

    • Joey! Thats awesome. I really need to recommit to running. I would love to get my speed up. You’ve lost over 100lbs! I can’t wait to join the century club. I’m throwing a huge “Century Party” when I hit the mark. When I finally hit that point y’all are going to sick of hearing me talk about it. Thanks for sharing my podcast at your meeting. Best of Luck and keep me posted on your progress.

  4. Hi Carli, love your blog and your podcasts. I’m starting my running journey and I’m really hoping to get through this. I don’t run at all. And, since having my first child, 17 months ago, I am 30 pounds over weight.

  5. I just wanted to say thank you for putting together these podcasts, and for being so honest and real. You are a true inspiration. Thank you!

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