10 Fun Facts About Carli  

1) I’m a closet fingernail biter; which is why I always wear sculptured nails.  (Chewed nails are so tacky to me)
2) I don’t eat pork.  (Do some research and you probably won’t either)
3) I’m a Total Movie Fanatic – Net-Flix – 3 at time Baby!
4) I am a complete shop-a-holic.  I would shop daily if I could afford it.  (I’m such a girly-girl)
5) I’m a big nerd, I have my bachelors degree, masters degree, real estate certification, paralegal certificate, and soon to be ACE group fitness instructor certified.  Right now I’m teaching myself HTML code, and one day I’d like to go to Culinary school. 
6) I can throw down in the kitchen.  I love cooking and baking and creating new dishes.
7) I talk to my Mama and Sisters everyday, several times a day.  We’re super close.
8 ) Kids make me itch.  (Okay, not really, but they’re not on my agenda in the near future)
9) It’s a very rare occasion that you’ll see my real hair.  (No, I don’t have some sort of self deprecating complex; weave is just more convenient) I’m the hair weave Queen. 
10) Last but not least, one day I will be well known for helping people lose weight, I’ll be the modern day Richard Simmons, just wait and see!

*My neck is still tight from the car accident, and now the rest of my body is starting to feel like crap because I haven’t worked out in forever.  I really don’t even know what to blog about …hence the 10 fun facts for today. LOL!)

  1. Hi Carli

    Am currently in week two and just thought I would send you some love from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Anytime you are our way our door is always open. You are my inspiration and saviour. xxxx

    • Kath! Oh my goodness! I’m so glad that my journey, can help inspire you. Believe it or not, I’m planning a trip to Australia next year for one of my best friends 30th birthday! We’ll have to keep in touch so that you can give us a tour! Thanks 8)

  2. Hey Carli

    Where bouts in Oz are you coming…im in Perth, WA

    if your over this way drop us a line, would love to meet you 🙂

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