How was my day?  Not too shabby.  I went to weigh in today, and had no clue what to expect.  I kinda kept points this week, but I was mindful to not going crazy with food.  To my surprise I lost 2.6 pounds! Wooo-whoo!  I needed that after my dreadful weight gain last week.  Today, the meeting leader gave an analogy about a car with a flat tire.  She said “just because you have one flat tire, you don’t go and flatten the other 3.  You fix the flat one.”   Sometimes with weight loss, we have one little mishap (like gaining 4 pounds in 2 weeks), and let it ruin our whole program.  Just because I had a setback, I couldn’t let it ruin my program.  After all, I didn’t gain all of the weight back, and I can still fit my clothes.    I felt proud that I was able to get out of the rut and keep on trying.  I felt so good that I came home and worked out.  I got Leslie Sansone’s: 5 Day Slim Down Walk at Home DVD.
It was kinda fun, walking with Chatty Cathie.   She talks so much, I don’t think that lady stops talking at all during the entire routine.  It actually has a good effect though, because you’re so busy trying to listen to what she saying that you don’t realize how much you’re actually working out.  I did the 12 minute speed mile which added extra leg and arm exercises.  It got my heart pumping, and I was on the verge of breaking a sweat.  It’s definitely one to add to the DVD collection. 


What Did Carli Eat Today?

B – Granola Bar, Clementine, Lemon Tea w/ Splenda   4

L- Salad- 8

S- Cheese Crackers-  4

2nd Snack – 2 Tiny Christmas Cookies – 3

D- Turkey Wrap, Stir Fry Veggies – 12

3rd Snack? –Weight Watchers 1 pt. Choc Carmel bar – it was surprisingly tasty


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