I lost 3.4 pounds at my Weight Watcher’s weigh in today!  I was honestly quite shocked.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve been mostly eating right, sorta tracking my food, but totally getting in activity. Oh yeah, and I gave up cookies.  I guess all of that equals weight loss.  I’ll take it! The topic of the meeting today was “From Opps to Wow.”  I thought that title was kind of silly, but what we discussed was important.  Basically we talked about letting go of the past.  Even though we might have an “opps,” if we keeping working at it, our little stumbles can be corrected and turned into a “wow.”  I’ve had my share of poor food choices and bad weigh ins, but tonight I finally had a “WOW moment.”  After the meeting, something inside me said, “Yay, go celebrate with pizza from Pi Restaurant!”  That’s really what thought was in my head.  I even justified it by telling myself that it was okay because even President Obama likes pizza from Pi.  I had to snap out of it, and get back focused.  I came home, made a little sandwich to hold me over and went to the gym.  I walked 3 miles around the indoor track.  Both of my knees were hurting and my lower back was tight.  I was pretty much limping around the track for 3 miles.  It was much like the other day when my body was completely fighting my positive thoughts.   I was listening to Joel Osteen’s new Audiobook, which was so encouraging. Living in Favor, Abundance and Joy  It was ironic that he also talked about moving forward and letting go of the past.  Joel put it as only he could, “you can’t unscramble eggs.”  What’s done is done.  Each day we get to start over and work towards a new “WOW.”

What Did Carli Eat Today?

B- Bowl of Rasin Bran Cereal

*Sucessufully avoided the homemade cookies in the office*

L- Chicken Ceasar Salad w/ a small breadstick

S- Granola Bar

S- 1 pt Weight Watcher Bar

D- Shredded Beef on a English Muffin & later I after the gym I made Sweet potato fries

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