I woke up this morning to my Gym Cousin, calling to warn me that I should take Nyah on my jog today since some boy scouts found a naked woman tied up in ditch in the park.  Gee thanks cousin for starting me off to a happy morning….  Then he told me they think she might have tied herself up? …but he wanted to make sure I was aware and being safe just in case.  He of course was on his way to the gym, but we ended up talking for about an hour about everything from our upcoming cruise to whether 50 Cent’s juice diet was real.  After I got off the phone, me and Nyah went to Forest Park.  I was shocked when I got there.  There were boy scouts EVERYWHERE.  There were tents and little boys as far as the eye could see.  I thought he meant like a small troop of boys found the woman.  I called my Mom and she told me there were over 10,000 boy scouts camping out, and she wished me luck on finding a parking spot. 


 I drove around looking for one, and was about to leave and go to the gym, but I forgot about my fur baby, she was so excited about our walk.  So, I drove around a little more and finally found a parking spot.  I turned on Week 1 and was on the move.  It was already hot at 10 AM and I worked up a good sweat.  I had a hair appointment at 11, so I didn’t have time to do anything extra.  I didn’t even have time to run past the pond and look for my boo. LOL!….  I ran the first 4 intervals and turned around.  I wove through all the camping tents and boys playing with sticks and finished the last 4 runs.  I DID it.  I finished Week 1!  Week 2 here I come.  When I got home all sweaty, I took the fastest shower ever.  I didn’t want to be all stinky sitting in the salon.  I should’ve just taken a whore bath… I’m sorry for the naughty word let’s call it a quick wash up; it would have been faster.  Anyway, I threw on some comfy clothes and made it to my hair appointment just a few minutes late.  It took forever because I got a sew-in weave.  By forever I mean 5 hours! I like it though, it looks so natural.  The things we do to look beautiful.

  1. I just saw your response on the C25K Facebook page to a question about what to use to carry all of your gear. I watched your video and was wondering how you like the belt that you have. Does it seem to bounce up and down a lot as you move? I like the idea of it, but I worry about it bouncing a lot and driving me crazy. I don’t currently carry my cell phone but I think that I probably should.

    Sorry that this is random and unrelated to your post!

    • Here is the video she’s talking about. https://carlifierce.com/2009/12/05/ It doesn’t bounce around, you can adjust the width, to tighten and loosen it to fit your waist. That was just a cheap one that I bought, but it does the job. They have special ones called a SPI belt made specifically for running. spibelt.com

  2. Thanks for the input, Carli! I’ll check it out.

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