I said that I was going to write out my meal plan.  Your comments and emails helped pull me from my recent funk.  Thanks for commenting making me feel normal and reminding me of the good stuff I do 🙂 I’ve never written down all of my food for the entire week.  I think I will try to make my weekly list and cook on Sundays.  Here is my plan for the rest of this week.  I sure do have a LOT of parties.  Geez lol.

THURSDAY – Morning Run  WW Mtg Evening

B- Oatmeal, Yogurt, apple

L- Steak, potatoes & Veggies (Left Over)

S- Trail Mix

D- Frozen Meal & Veggies

S- Yogurt Smoothie


B- Protein Shake w Strawberries

L- Lunch Out w Friend – Order Salad or Meat/Veg

S- Sweet/Salty Granola Bar

D- Chinese Chicken Chop Suey/Crab Rangoon (Carry Out)

S- Pineapples

SATURDAY – Run/Gym Morning

B- Bowl of Cereal & Fruit  

L- Niece’s B-Day Party, Sub Sandwich & Fruit

S- B-Day Cake

D- Another B-Day Party?- Portion Control No Cake

S- Fruit


B- Protein Shake

L-  Meal at Church


D- B-day Party @ the Buffet – Salad First

S- Fruit Smoothie

  1. Yay! You’re way better than me because I can’t make my own meal plans, I always get lost in the details and my own perfectionism, that’s why I have to pay somebody else to do it! 😉

  2. Have you ever tried a smartphone app to track your meals? I use the Lose It app on my iphone and it’s amazingly easy…it really helps me to make good decisions on the fly 🙂

  3. I use my fitness pal app for tracking all my calories and it is so easy to use. I like that you can scan the barcode of food and it saves time trying to enter in numbers. You are doing great !!! Just remember all of the people thinking good thoughts for you!!! You are doing great!!

  4. Anna, I have the weight watchers e-tools app on my blackberry. It’s nice to have all of the points info in hand. Writing out my food days in advance has actually proven to be really helpful to me. The only problem now is that I have another birthday party tonight. I didn’t realize I was so “social” Who goes to 4 birthday gatherings in a weekend? I guess I’ll aim for the fruit and veggie trays.

  5. Angela! Get outta here, you can scan the barcode? That’s super cool, I’m such a technology junkie. I love stuff like that. I wonder if it will work on my Blackberry Torch? I don’t have a iPhone, I need buttons.

  6. Hi Carli, I totally sympathize with all your parties! I love to eat out with friends (I would go so far as to call myself a foodie!), and that’s definitely my weakness when it comes to tracking food. Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the time with your family and friends, and stay motivated to make good choices. I know you will :). You can always sneak a few healthy snacks in your purse if you’re worried about getting off track!

  7. Hi Carli,

    I just tried your first week tonight. I wasn’t able to keep up as I think I set the treadmill a little fast but I think I’m gonna keep at it with this! I weighed myself tonight and I’m at 333. A 5 pound drop from the last time I checked… just a change from junk food. I’d like to get back to my hockey playing weight which is around 220. Thanks for the podcasts!!

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