Day One is done! Barely. I so did not feel like working out, even though I know how good my walk made me feel on Sunday. I actually came home and laid across the bed in just my tank top. I was only half dressed for the gym. Finally, I motivated myself to get completely dressed and run a quick errand to the store. I kept thinking about how much of a loser I would be if I missed the very first day of training. I didn’t even have a good excuse not to work out. And, I couldn’t lie about it and tell y’all how wonderful my run was if I really just sat at home and watched Oprah on my DVR.   So, I went to the gym. My little sister actually called when I was just a few blocks from the house, and she joined me. The schedule only called for a 20 minute walk/run. For some reason both of my knees and one ankle were kind of hurting once I got up to the track. I’m not sure why, but I pretty much hobbled around the track at the gym for 20 minutes. There wasn’t any running at all. But, I was satisfied that I stuck to the plan and finished day one of my training session despite the fact that my body and my mind weren’t really on board.

  1. I am following your plan. Started Sunday (is that right?). Today was my second workout. I looked at the Halloween 10K and am wondering (1) it is time limited; can I do that? a 10K in two hours? how exactly does the time thing work?, (2) the final miles are all up hill (aren’t they? – the brewery to downtown) which is concerning to me, and (3) is paying for a hotel at the start/finish worth it or can I Metralink it in from the airport parking on “game day.”

    Just finding excuses everywhere! But I am not quitting. I am gonna train for a 10K, that is on that date, even if I have to run it here where I live in Columbia, MO. Carli I have no motivation right now but YOU!!! (I hope you don’t feel like you have a stalker … but seriously, your words are very motivating!!!!) Keep the updates and inspiration coming! I want to make this goal happen.

  2. Hey Janet from Columbia. I could do that drive in my sleep! LOL I went to Mizzou for undergrad. 1) typically, they have a time recommendation. However this is a relaxed race, people will be in cosutmes etc. If you go beyond the time (which I’m sure I will), they have you walk on the sidewalk when they re-open the streets to traffic. 2) I haven’t even looked at the map. Honestly after completing a half-marathon, I’m not to worried about it. Just do as much of your training outdoors as possible. 3) I would probably come in the night before, I think thats a lot of pressure to get up and drive early before a race, but I’m sure you can drive back the same day. This is totally exciting for me, I don’t see you as a stalker at all. I’m just a fat girl trying to run, lol, it AMAZES me still that I inspire anybody.

  3. Carli, you are so good and telling all the rest of us we can do it; so can you! I had big dreams of losing a bunch of weight by my October 2010 wedding and it didn’t happen. Once it was over and I hit the new year, something in me clicked and I just decided I was done letting bad food rule my world and make me ill/unhealthy. I finished your 5k training program, have been on WW since February and have lost over 60 pounds since January. I feel better than I ever thought I could, am dropping weight, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, and still have dessert. I just don’t let food rule my life anymore. It’s true that no plan will work for you until you’re ready. Now that you aren’t pressuring yourself with an end date to accomplish something, maybe it will be a bit easier for you. I’m pulling for you!

  4. Hi Carli! Good job with your workout! I hope your knees start feeling better. A Halloween 10k sounds so fun. I searched for some in my area, but it seems the one we have in town is the day after my wedding. And I don’t think my fiance will think that is the most fun way to start our first day as a married couple. Not really sure why 🙂

  5. Rebecca, congrats on your weight loss!! That is amazing!! I do feel good without the pressure of “Gotta lose by my birthday.” I’m trying to make more health focused goals, like I want to do a marathon while I’m 30. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  6. Hey Aubree, my knees are better, I think my body is adjusting to becoming active again. We are so excited about the Halloween 10K , we’re trying to pick customs that will be fun, but appropriate to complete 6 miles…hmmmm. Congrats on getting married…There’s hope for us single gals yet! lol

  7. Hi Carli! I love your running poscasts and I’m currently doing the 10km training. I’m in Week 3 and I’m wondering where I can find the rest of the downloads for Week 4 and onwords. Your music is great and the podcasts are helping me break through my 5km barrier. Thanks for the help!!!

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