Monday night I went to my Weight Watcher’s meeting.  For those who don’t know, you walk in and wait for your turn in line to weigh in at the private scale.  It’s not a “Biggest Loser” TV show style weigh-in like you might have imagined in your nightmares.  Usually your meeting leader or an assistant will track your weight and confidentially let you know how much you gained or lost, ask about your week, and then give you some encouraging words or advice.  All the New Year’s resolution people showed up Monday, and there had to be a least 60 attendees, a few people had to stand up.  My hitting rock bottom, just kinda happened to hit a convenient time of year.  When it was finally my turn to step up on the scale, I wasn’t scared or apprehensive.  I knew I had a great week regardless.  But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thrilled when she told me that I lost 3.4 pounds!  When Ricarda, the leader, asked me how I did it, I told her tracking works.  But, in hindsight I had to get my mind right  first, and then track daily.

Once the meeting starts, they go over individual accomplishments like, who reached 10% weight loss, and special acknowledgements of any other scale or non-scale victory that you want to share.  For example one lady, a school teacher, made it through her “Food Friday” class without eating the chocolate covered pretzels the kids were making.  One lady reached her doctors preferred weight and another finally lost 23 pounds after hitting a plateau.  I personally didn’t share anything during the meeting, I’m usually pretty quiet.  Nobody knows I’m Carli Fierce, the legendary 5K podcast blogger lol! (at least in my mind I’m legendary ;-)…  If they find my website that’s great, but I don’t want all that attention, it makes me feel weird. 

Then after general group recognitions, the leader will discuss whatever pre-planned lesson Weight Watchers recommended.  This week it was a lesson on the importance of planning.  She shared one of my all-time favorite quotes, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”  She also brought in a large potato to show us what a large potato actually looks like according to its weight.  It was smaller than you might imagine.  She reminded us it’s okay to eat a potato, there are no foods off limits, but just make sure you have a good understanding of how big the “large” potato is really supposed to be.   After the meeting I stayed for Part 2 of the new member’s class as she went over the basics of PointsPlus and how it works.

I just thought I would share what actually happens at a Weight Watcher’s meeting.  One time last year, my mom asked me “How was your workout?”  I said “Oh, no I didn’t go to the gym today, I went to a Weight Watchers meeting.”  She was surprised, “You don’t work out at Weight watchers meetings? Well, what do you do? Just talk?”  I laughed, because essentially, it is a support group where you share-ideas with like-minded people and get inspiration from people overcoming similar situations.…When I left the meeting, I headed to grocery store to get more fruit.  I enjoyed the meeting as always and felt prepared to handle a new week.

  1. awesome job! I lost 2 lbs last week with the online ww..and exercise…and reading your blog! have a nice rest of the week! HeleM (haha)

  2. Thanks for sharing Carli. My sister started WW a couple months ago after I told her I’d heard some good success stories. She seems to like it so far. Though while we were working out, she said ‘I know Carli is on this diet and she works out too but I can’t get excited about sweating.’ She a grumbler when it comes to working out. (She’ll kill me for telling you this.) But it doesn’t matter to me as long as she’s there and sticking with it. Thanks for not only inspiring me, but my hard to please sister as well. You rock!

  3. Hey Mama HeleM, we are working the plan! So glad my blog was able to help along the way.

  4. Hey DD, that is so funny that you guys talk about me..l talk about you guys too. My family is always like Who??? lol..I still don’t like to sweat, it’s gross. But I do feel a big sense of accomplishment when I get in that good sweat. Tell her WE can do this!

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