We’re going to CHICAGO! (In my best Oprah “Going to Australia” voice) One of my blog reader’s (it feels weird to call y’all fans), won Front of the Line passes off the radio for the Biggest Loser Casting Call in Chicago. She thought it would be great to invite me and I said Yes! Me and my Big Little Sister are going to drive up and meet her there. We’re super excited. The only requirements are that you have to have 85 pounds to lose and are over 18 years old. We both did the math, and we could each lose 100 pounds and still be okay. LOL! Not sure how I could afford to take 5 months off work if they picked me…I’ve only been at my new job since February…who would doggysit my furbaby Nyah? Who would manage my rental property? Can I still write my blog? Who would pay my new car note? I got a new car y’all!

I guess I’ll just try out and worry about all that jazz later. I was going to surprise you guys and do two 5K’s this weekend. I was signed up for the Komen Breast Cancer race for the cure on Saturday with my BFF and the Pride 5K I mentioned a few weeks back. But, I kind of feel like this is such a unique opportunity to get to the front of the line and a fun weekend get away with my sister. I’ll keep you all updated while I’m in Chicago via my FB Fan Page. I hope you LIKE MY FB PAGE!

In other news I went to Zumba again this week. Too much fun! I took my other little sister this time. She had a great time. Much to our surprise, her friend’s mom was the Zumba instructor, and my sis couldn’t believe how sexy some of the moves were. There was a Snake Song with a Middle Eastern flair that kept us moving and shaking. I’m pretty sure I snaked and rolled some body part that wasn’t supposed to be rolled! We left drenched in sweat and feeling kinda sexy.
Also, I went to the doctor yesterday. She asked what was going on with my weight noticing that it had gone up, not down since my last visit. She recommended that I make the mental decision to commit. She also said not to drink any soda, and not to replace the soda with fruit juice. She said when you’re thirsty, you body wants water, nothing else. She told me I need to work out more, something like 6 days a week, because of our culture’s sedentary lifestyle. She explained that Adam and Eve didn’t have cars, desk jobs, or grocery stores, therefore they didn’t need to go to the gym. They had to work for their food and it didn’t include meat, but fruits and veggies from the garden. She told me I must increase my fruit and veggie intake. She also asked if I was depressed. I had to think about it for a minute. But, no, I’m not depressed, I’m frustrated about the difficulty involved with losing weight, but depressed in general? Nah….I explained to her that I’m an emotional eater and workaholic and grab whatever is in the drive thru if I’m busy. She told me, if I know that dinner is my toughest time to plan ahead, because leaving it up to chance will always result in the same undesired effect. That seemed pretty logical…She also told me to come up with a plan of action for times that I want to stress eat. Like read a scripture, or take a walk. I was truly surprised that her “medical advice” was so bible based, because I didn’t tell her I was a Christian. I guess it’s just further confirmation that I’m getting closer to being on the right track by admitting that I can’t do it alone and need God’s help and his food plan….Well, that’s about it! I hope my doctor’s advice and can help you too.

*All my “fans” in Chicago, let me know what sites to see and things to do this weekend!*

  1. What a unique opportunity! I wish you luck! And I am willing to bet that if the bigger opportunity presents itself, everything will fall into place. 🙂 Have a fanatastic time in Chicago! There are tons of things to do for fun, so just pick a few . . .

  2. Hey Carli Car! I love the end of your blog today. My friend and I were talking about our own weight struggles and I came to the conclusion that I’m just gonna have to give it up to God. I said to my friend, “if I trust God to help me in every other area of my life, why haven’t I committed this struggle to Him as well?” So, today (again) I am deciding to commit to committment. 🙂 I trust that God will help me with motivation and will power.

    Have a blast in Chicago!

  3. I’m so excited for you! I attended a BL tryout before, it wasn’t fun at all standing in line but it sounds like you won’t have that problem, LOL! Wish you the best and I hope that you enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  4. Hey Jen-Jen! Looks like we’re on a similar path. Thanks for checking in. 🙂

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