Whew!  I’m still tired, I don’t know where to begin.  I guess the beginning…30 years ago today a beautiful baby girl was born in Kansas City, Missouri to loving parents eagerly awaiting their first born.  Daddy had to cut his run short to get to the hospital in time…Okay…maybe I shouldn’t start at real beginning.  I’ll just start at Wednesday.  One of my best buds from college drove down to St. Louis and she and my Mom picked me up from work, we picked up one more friend and Mom dropped us off at the airport.  My best friend was on her way, and my Childhood Friend from Kansas City was already in Vegas.  I was totally shocked to see how much damage was still there was as a result of the tornado in April.  Windows were still boarded up.  We had a great flight, but didn’t make it to our room until almost 1 in the morning.  Excited energy kept us up for a couple of hours, but we still got up Thursday morning before 8 AM.  My friends are just like me, we are planners.  We had our itinerary mapped out for the entire weekend.  I took a pic by the historic Welcome to Vegas sign. 
 I had BIG dreams of being closer to my goal weight when I took this pic, and unfortuatley, I’ve gained weight.   But, sometimes life happens.  I accepted me for where am today, and didn’t let my weight stop me from living life. 

We walked the strip and picked up discounted ticket for everything from shows to meals from Tickets4Tonight.  Then we went to the CSI Experience. It was so cool!  We had to investigate the murder of a waitress, whose body was found behind an old Vegas motel. 

The movie buff part of me wanted the scene to be more graphic, but it looked more like a department store mannequin sprawled out on the ground.  I guess if it was too realistic it might creep people out.  Anyway, we compared DNA, tire tracks from a stolen car, old text messages and did drug analysis test to figure out what happed to Penny the dead waitress.  After we solved the crime, we got a CSI Certificate from Grissom.  Here is my CSI Diploma.

That afternoon we went to Stripper 101 Class.  Kendra, a REAL stripper, taught us how to give a lap dance and work the stripper pole.  We had so much naughty fun, not to mention a good workout.  My friends have forbidden me to post pics from class.  But since I put all of my business on internet, here’s my pic.

I meant to wear my pedometer, but I forgot.  We probably walked about 4 or 5 miles up and down the strip each day in the blazing heat.  It was about 105 degrees.  I walked so much that my ankles were swollen. 

On Friday, we went to the Rio Buffet, the largest buffet in the world with over 90 yards of food.  More than 300 Menu items and nothing was repeated.  There was Italian, seafood, sushi, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, American, Southern style and breakfast.  The dessert counter was unbelievable.  It was honestly a fat person’s dream.  The 4 of us sat and ate and chatted for 2 ½ hours!  You could have rolled me out of there.  That evening was my official birthday dinner party at Planet Hollywood.  Everyone was there, my Mama, her best friend, my 4 friends, my Hollywood Aunt, her friend, another aunt, and her friend.  We were all still pretty full from the buffet fiasco earlier that day.  We had the after party at our suite.  My friend’s parent’s booked us a 3 bedroom suite with a full kitchen.  We had about 20 family members and friends to attend.  So much fun! 

After the party it was time for the after-after party at Tao, an amazing night club.  We had VIP access and got in front of the line with at least 100 people waiting behind the velvet rope.  There were women in a tub of rose petals (wearing only rose petals) at the entrance.  It was huge inside, there were 3 different DJ’s spaced throughout the club, and there had to be at least 1,000 people inside.  Security was tight, they reminded me of the secret service in their black suits whispering into their wrist. We partied, with Black people, White people, Asian people, all kinds of people from all over.  It was beautiful!

Saturday my Hollywood Aunt treated everyone to a breakfast buffet with made to order omelets at the Venetian.  After breakfast we hung out in her room before going to Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood Wax museum. 

That afternoon was following by more walking, shopping and people watching. 

 Then we saw a pirate show at Treasure Island and watched the beautiful water show at the Bellagio.  

We were dead tired, but still went to Lavo, a bath house themed club that night.  It had really cool fountains throughout.   It wasn’t as big as Tao, but the music was better.  We got back to the resort a few hours before we had to leave for our flight Sunday Morning.  By the time we go to the airport, my body physically hurt.  Probably because we walked so much, and I only got a total of 10 hours of sleep the whole weekend.  I must say I celebrated my BIG 3-Oh all the way!

  1. So glad you had a great time, I have been to Vegas five times and in one trip you out did me, you are truly an inspiration! YOU ROCK!!

  2. Happy belated birthday!

  3. Lori, we truly had a great time. It took me DAYS to recoup. LOL! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Thank you Linda, I am slowly but surely embracing “30”

  5. Congrats on your b-day and you look GREAT in that blue dress! 🙂

  6. Thanks Melissa! I bought it, not even knowing when I could wear it. I’m such a shop aholic, but I think it was a good move.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You had a FIERCE birthday weekend! I’m so jealous of your party weekend! I had such a boring 30th birthday! LOL You looked beautiful and I loved all of your dresses!

  8. LOL! Thanks Stephanie. I love shopping at Torrid. I might be a juicy girl, but my clothes are hot!

  9. Hey! I can’t find the link that gets me to Mae T’s pic. Help a sistah out! 🙂

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