I was supposed to work out on Monday evening. I was all hyped up and ready to go. That was until a new guy asked me out for a dinner date. After my last dating debacle, I decided to take a little hiatus from the dating scene. “The List Guy” who claimed to be a Jamaican Rocket Scientist lied about everything from his name, age, height and even where he worked. The only thing true about him was that he was actually an aerospace engineer, he wasn’t even really a Jamaican!

However, I had started chatting with a different guy about a month ago and he asked me out for “dinner and intelligent conversation.” He wasn’t really my type so I wasn’t responsive initially, and then, after being persuaded by my coworker, I decided to give him a chance. I postponed my work out and we had a nice meal along with fun, smart conversation. He has a really quirky sense of humor that I enjoyed and he thinks I’m hilarious and “a beautiful woman.” I’m taking it day by day, instead of planning out babies and matching up his last name with mine, I’m just enjoying that we shared a nice evening out.

Even though I had a great date night, it weighed on my mind that I promised my trainer I would get in two additional work outs before we met again. I met with my counselor yesterday (Tuesday) evening. She was proud of my progress and the fact that I’m learning to allow myself grace when I make human error. Everything is not always 100% on plan or 100% off plan. There is a grey area, and that’s okay.  It felt great to see progress in creating a healthy mindset about weight loss, but I just didn’t feel like going to the gym after our session.

Cardio Plan from Personal trainer

I woke up today knowing that I run out of time, I had to go to the gym tonight if I was going to get in my last promised session before meeting with my trainer Dan tomorrow. I went to work and it was my night to volunteer at church. I couldn’t skip out on either of those commitments. In the church parking lot, per his request, I text my trainer that I was on my way to the gym. My gym bag had already been packed in the back seat of my car for days. I wouldn’t get to the gym until after 9 PM and I knew my Gym Cousin would be long gone. I kept praying “oh God please help me, I don’t have the energy to do this on my own.” When I walked in the door, my Gym Cousin was walking on the treadmill bobbing his head to his headphones. I was so excited to see him that I threw my hands up and did a happy dance! What in the world was he still doing at the gym at this hour? He was happy to see me too, and confused by my professional attire. I explained that I’d been to work and church and finally keeping my gym commitment. I quickly changed out of my work clothes and started the program scribbled down by my trainer.


I pedaled on the elliptical for 10 minutes while he finished up on the treadmill. He wanted work on his “fat stomach” which most people call a “six-pack.” So he got down on the floor with me and did the core ab strengthening exercises.  After that, it was smooth sailing. I was so excited I didn’t have to work out alone. He lifted a few more weights and I finished up on the treadmill. I did 25 minutes, alternating a run and a walk every two minutes. One of the late night staff members walked by, he was so fine and smelled so good, I almost fell of the treadmill shamelessly staring at him, OMG! Whew! Who smells that good at the gym?? Anyway, I digress…. I finished my run/walk and I felt great! I was reminded that I felt zero Motivation until the moment that I walked through the door of the gym. However, I was 100% committed and that’s what pulled me through. We’re often in search of something to motivate and excite us but it’s important to remember on the journey to get healthy that Commitment is way more important than motivation. Are you committed?





  1. This must be why I feel more motivated when I commit to working out with a friend. It’s so much easier for me when I know somoene is waiting for me. (ask me about that again tomorrow morning, since I’ve got a new workout buddy starting!)

    • Hey Angela! Yes it’s SO much easier to work out with a friend! Or a trainer that makes you text him on your way to the gym lol

  2. It sounds like you are doing a great job! The date sounds good too, it is great to be appreciated for your brains & beauty! Is it weird that I’m disappointed List Guy was a dud?

    • Aubree, it’s not weird at all! You’ve been following my crazy dating life for while. I only tell y’all about the one’s I think might turn out to be good. lol. I’m a paralegal, so I can’t help but to research, and his little stories started falling apart…But as I work on getting myself healthy inside and out, I feel like I’ll attract a good match. Thanks for your support!

  3. I’m glad you found a way to workout! I’m been listening to Week 5 of the C25K podcast and you know the tip for the week was NO EXCUSES! WTG!!!

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