Since the world didn’t end on Saturday, as predicted by “Christian” extremists, life goes on.  It’s amazing to me that people think that they can calculate the end of the world.  Anyway, this weekend went as planned. On Friday, I went to my cousin’s 16th Birthday backyard BBQ.  I heard some great new fast paced tunes that I’ll add to my Bridge to 10K podcast.  My Niecey Poo turned 3 on Saturday.  She had a fabulous Luau themed party at the mall with 2 birthday cakes and 3 bounce houses.  Of course I “had” to try both cakes which were equally delicious.  After her party I went to my best friend’s co-worker’s birthday party at a sports bar.  My friend tried to get me to try the cupcakes but I passed.  I had eaten enough of everything else.  The fourth party girl turned 21 and had so much fun that she slept through the scheduled buffet dinner celebration on Sunday.  But, unfortunately that didn’t stop me and my Big Little Sister from going to the buffet.  During dinner, we had a heart to heart about me and my food addiction, and she actually cried!  She almost made me cry, and y’all know I am not a crier.  She thought I just “liked food” and didn’t realize how much a daily struggle it is for me.  She was astonished at the fact that I routinely eat when I’m not physically hungry and don’t always stop when I full.  It saddened her because she didn’t know just how serious of a problem it really is for me.  I talk about my love/hate relationship with food on my blog, but rarely discuss it face to face in the real world.  She was even further upset by the fact that there was no cure or a pill to fix the problem.  Welcome to my world….  She suggested counseling and even hypnosis.  I’ve never done one on one counseling, but it could be beneficial.  I’m sure insurance won’t cover it though.  But, since one of my commenters mentioned hypnosis, and my sister did too, I decided to try it.  I’ll tell you guys which program I purchased once I really get to see what it’s about.  Please don’t think I’ve completely lost my mind, it works in conjunction with a healthy eating plan like Weight Watchers.  As, a nerd I did through research before I bought it, as I was extremely skeptical.  However, if these people brainwash me and I become a crazed lunatic, please explain to my family what happened to me.  I downloaded the sessions and burned them to CD.  I listened to the assigned audio tracks today.  Today she focused on eating veggies, drinking only water (Score!) and getting more sleep.  Agh, sleep…I routinely go to sleep most nights after midnight.  I’ve always been a night owl.  I stay up blogging and watching movies, just like I am doing right now.  Anyway, for a while I’ve been telling myself that I want to set aside time each day to dedicate to positive reinforcement of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so this might just be the 20 minute break from the real world to focus that I need.

  1. I really hope it works out for you Carli. It’s doing wonders for me and I think we have similar issues with our relationship with food. I got to the point where I thought, nothing else has worked, what have I got to lose by giving it a try and I’m so glad I did. I’m sure it’s not going to turn you into a crazy thing but hopefully you’ll notice changes that you maybe can’t explain – then you’ll know it’s working. Relax and go with it and I really look forward to hearing about your progress.

    I am now on Day 2 of week 7 and have amazed myself by being able to run for 25mins non stop. I love your choice of music and your words of encouragement come along at just the right times – thank you again!

  2. Hey Carli! I can certainly relate to your food addiction — eating when not really hungry, eating because it’s there. Stuffing myself to the point of misery because it all just tastes so darn good. 🙁

    I hope it works for you and I hope you’ll share which program it is you’re using!

    Best wishes!

  3. Becca, it’s working! I can’t believe it. I haven’t done a post yet, but I have lost, and I feel better and have piece of mind. Thank you so much for telling me about hypnosis. The small changes are amazing! Leaving a little bit of food on my plate? I never did that, and now I do. Unbelievable. I’ll write up a whole post about it this week.

  4. Lori, thank you for letting me know I am not alone in the struggle. Oddly enough, the hypnosis is working. I’m noticing changes and I even lost a little weight. I’ll put up a post later this week, with my full review of the program and let you know which one I’m using. Stay positive! Don’t give up.

  5. I am so pleased that it’s working for you Carli. I can relate to the peace of mind feeling – it’s like letting go of the struggle. I’ve now lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks and also don’t spend every minute of the day thinking about food anymore – that’s almost better than the weightloss itself! Keep at it – looking forward to seeing your post.

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