Just when I think I have Dan my trainer figured out, he mixes it up on me. He specifically told me that we’d be taking measurements next week. Measurements Day with Dan, typically consists of “running” a mile as fast as I can while attempting to beat my previous time.  Additionally, we check my weight on the scale, check my body fat and my body measurements with the measuring tape. When I showed up at the gym, he casually said, “Oh, today is a Measurements Day.”  “What?!” I said surprised. I have to be mentally prepared for that mile.  But, I started thinking on the fly.  None of that nonsense like the last time.  I like to run with music.  I didn’t have headphones, or my iPod, but I had my iPhone and Pandora.  I got my bottle of water, and my sweat towel.  I still don’t like to sweat y’all.  I don’t know that I’ll ever fully embrace nasty sweat. 

 The weather was much cooler, and the sun was going down.  I was confident that I could decrease my mile time.  He told me walk the first half and then run all the way back.  The last time I finished in just over 17 minutes.  Being the overachiever I am, I wanted to finish this time in 15 minutes.  I had to improvise.  I put on the Rihanna Pandora Playlist and tucked my phone between my sports bra and my regular bra and let the music play loudly like a 1980s boombox I was carrying on my shoulder as I power walked down the street.  I wish I had eaten better today and had more energy.  Everything was “on plan” for a “Winning Day”  I just hadn’t planned ahead or gone grocery shopping yet.  I had Kashi cereal for breakfast, whole wheat pasta for lunch, and sunflower seeds for a snack.  ZERO fruits or veggies yet.  It was really an atypical day, and I only drank about half as much water as I normally do, because I was so busy at work. I certainly would’ve  taken the time to eat and hydrate better had I known I had to run a mile.  Usually, I have greek yogurt with granola/or Kashi and fruit for breakfast, and maybe a big salad with chicken for lunch or stir fry veggies and meat. When I passed by some young kids, on my half mile jog back, one of the girls screamed out, “I think you can do a marathon girl, and I’ll do it with you!” That was so sweet for her to encourage me like that. 

 Dan was waiting for me at the finish line.  He pointed to the light post finish line and I crossed in 15:47 mins.  I’d shaved nearly 2 minutes off my mile time.  I was quite proud of myself!  He was thrilled, and even more excited to see me sweating and out of breath. We did some more stuff in the gym that I can’t really even remember because I was a little light headed.  We mostly did core exercises and some free weights.  Then he took measurements.  I’ve lost a total of 3 inches in my shoulders and 2 inches in my waist.  “I’m gonna hug you!” He exclaimed.  “My weight loss clients, never lose this consistently.”  After what I’d describe as a “You da Man football teammate” type of quick hug, we went over to the scale.  “And least importantly, the scale,” he said.   That comment was so funny to me.  How much easier my life could be if could always say “least importantly, the number on the scale.”  Because I weigh weekly at home, I wasn’t the least bit anxious or nervous and didn’t really care what the scale at the gym said, so I guess he was kind of right.  “Hell Yeah!” He said, and slapped me a youthful high-five.  I’ve lost 30 pounds total! I’m excited that my Gym Cousin has signed up for a few sessions with him too.  My cousin couldn’t believe how young Dan was.  He just turned 22 years old.  I’m so glad I didn’t know that when I first started training with him.  He was born in the 1990’s and I graduated high school in the 1990’s!  Yikes!  But, his young self is working me right into shape and I’m loving it!

  1. this may sound silly…I’m not sure about how the whole sports bra (that has to do a LOT of work) thing works…and now you’re saying you wear both at the same time? Please enlighten me! Oh…and congratulations!

  2. Hey Kathy, I’m sure you’ve seen my pics, I’m really top heavy. When I work out, I have to wear a regular bra and a sport bra on top of it. I usually pick one of my more comfortable bras without underwire or frills and then put the sports bra over it. So it’s double layered. The sports bra adds additional support and helps control everything from bouncing all around. I’m sure some women can just wear the sports bra, but thats the one area, that I didn’t lose inches in this time *sigh* maybe next time.

  3. “Weigh” to go! Dan is working you out and you are ROCKING it out Carli! *claps from Alabama*

  4. That is so awesome Carli, congrats!

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